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19 Shiba Inus You Must Follow on Instagram

We scoured Instagram to find the top 19 accounts of Shiba Inu you’ll find out there on the web.

Whether you prefer classic red coat, the black and tan coat, cream coats or sesame coats, you’ll find tons of accounts to follow here.


Ryuji is one of the most famous Shibas on Instagram with roughly 222,000 followers thanks to his distinctive expressions and costumes.

Ryuji on Instagram

Yu Matsu

This is an Instagram of three adorably cute shiba inu brothers.

Yu Matsu on Instagram


Berry likes to wear various different outfits, and he even has his own Twitter account:

Berry on Instagram

Rin and Nana

These gorgeous white Shibas share their Instagram page.

Rin and Nana on Instagram

Komugi & Tsukushi

An adorable sesame and black & tan duo work their mischief together.

Komugi & Tsukushi on Instagram


Mikho doesn’t let being born with partial paralysis get in the way of having fun in life!

Mikho on Instagram


This Norwegian pupper loves the snow and cold up in Norway.

Nana on Instagram


Roger enjoys a sunny life in San Diego

Roger on Instagram

Toaster Strudel

This SoCal Shiba loves to chill!

Toaster Strudel on Instagram


Nothing holds Gorden back from chasing!

Gordon on Instagram


Who says that Shibas can’t help out around the house?

Rieley on Instagram

Torajira & Jiri

A white and sesame duo are 2 and 1 respectively and hail from Japan!

Torajira & Jiri on Instagram


This photogenic black and tan shiba hangs out in Osaka!

Koharu on Instagram

Max and Orlo

Max, a shiba, has a sibling called Orlo, which is a Shikoku breed.

Max and Orlo on Instagram


Ren is a beautiful black and tan shiba.

Ren on Instagram


Rem hangs out in Russa, is just over 2 years old and loves to hang with other dogs.

REM on Instagram

Kotaro and Kona

9 and 1, these two shiba inus love to travel!

Kotaro and Kona on Instagram

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